About Us

The Nursing Home Mask Initiative was created by and is run by high school students in the Pittsburgh area. Our goal is to mobilize local crafters and sewers to make masks for nursing homes and personal care facilities in need of supplies and save lives.

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Our Team

Lydia Illustration

Lydia Berger
Senior at Norwin High School

Before this project, Lydia’s primary programming experience was in Python and Haskell. However, after the COVID-19 crisis began, she decided to learn HTML and CSS to create the original site with Amish and make a difference. She met Amish Sethi through the Pittsburgh COVID-19 DataWorks Project, and they decided to team up to work on the project. Her goal is to help nursing homes in the Pittsburgh area and beyond.

Amish Illustration

Amish Sethi
Junior at Pine-Richland High School

Amish has been coding since he was nine and has a passion for using his coding knowledge to good use. He met Lydia during the Pittsburgh Covid-19 DataWorks Project, an online and collaborative data science project hosted by the University of Pittsburgh. After meeting, they decided to work together to help nursing homes in the Pittsburgh area.

Justin Illustration

Justin Puthenpurayil
Junior at Pine-Richland High School

Justin learned how to write HTML and CSS in his freshman year of high school. He was brought in to work on this project by his friend Amish, and he has been redesigning and revamping the original website. He hopes to see this website help nursing homes get masks and become a better web developer through this project.

Why We Care

We care because we're all in this together. In these difficult times, we are all facing similar struggles. We can't fix everything, but we can band together and, little by little, mask by mask, save lives. Together, we really can make a difference, and together we can support each other to get through this crisis.

Why Nursing Homes & Personal Care Facilities

Nursing homes and personal care facilities have been hit particularly hard by COVID-19. In Pennsylvania alone, over half of deaths from COVID-19 have been residents of nursing homes and personal care homes. At the same time, many of these facilities lack adequate protective equipment such as masks for staff and residents, compounding the problem.
The New York Times writes about the dire situation nursing homes and residents are facing with COVID-19